Research Chemical Alpha-MethylTryptamine (AMT)

Alpha-MethylTryptamine (AMT)

Buy AMT pellets – Amt is the latest in a long line of research chemicals to resurface in the UK research chemical market. There has been an increase in demand of people wanting to buy AMT due to many other legal and illegal chemicals becoming unavailable to purchase.

Alpha-MethylTryptamine / AMT also goes by the name Indopan

However, the research chemical was sold widely in Russia as an antidepressant back in the 1960’s, but AMT was known back then as ‘indopan’. Indopan was then stopped for medical use after psychedelic side affects was recorded, although it was still known to be lightly used recreationally.

AMT resurfaced again in the 1990 and was known to be used a recreational legal chemical which led to the research chemical being controlled in the US, but was still a legal chemical in many other countries to buy. It is still thought that people buy AMT for their own personal consumption as the side effects of using AMT have been reported to have similar side effect that the illegal chemical drug MDMA has but researchers require a much lower dose.

The research chemical AMT, has an equal releasing agent of three chemicals known as norepinepherine, dopamine and serotonin.

AMT is a Research chemical

AMT has never been approved for UK medical use and it has always been sold strictly for non human consumption. This being said the majority distributers of the research chemical AMT, recommend that should only buy AMT If you are fully equipped with all the correct instruments to be able to carry out suitable research experiments.

It is also recommended that you ensure that the source of the chemical is an authorized supplier, and is able to supply a certificate to validate the substance.